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Zero Wing: The Movie will not only be a faithful adaptation of the original, but it will have additional bits and pieces of romance so all audiences will enjoy it. Here's a working transcript of a very special and heartrending scene...

Captain: Why you attack!

Cats: Gentlemen it is time to tell!

Cats: Base is not in mind anymore!

Cats: 'Zig' slept my daughter!

Captain: What you say!

Cats: It has no chance to work out make your baby!

Cats: Sniff sniff sniff sniff....

Classic. It always brings a tear to my eye. As you can plainly see, Zero Wing will be quite an emotional experience.

New CharactersEdit

Zero Wing: The Movie will include new characters, such as the father of 'Zig', 'Biz', the girlfriend of 'Zig', 'Zit', and a mysterious stranger that appears to save 'Zig' and give advice every once in a while who is secretly the long-lost older twin brother of 'Zig', 'Big'.

'Zig': Who fuck are you!

'Big': Tenth enemy has the bomb.

'Zig': I do not comprehend!

'Big': *Disappears*

'Zig': What happen!

'Biz': What you doing! Go blast Cats to sky!

'Zit': We love make later! *gets captured* Save!

'Zig': Honeydoll!

'Biz': You know what you doing!

'Zig': Now to destroy the other Princess another castle!

These characters help clear a lot of plotholes of the original, wouldn't you say?

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